Closet Remix – The Maxi Coat #4


The coat, in its more simpler & everyday state. A touch of grey is mandatory this winter, & the perfect match to light toned colours. You’ll probably see me wearing something like this on a typical day to work – so comfy, and this coat is so snuggly, it’s just as comforting as your home robe.

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IMG_0157IMG_0491IMG_0235IMG_0350IMG_0613HAPPY NEW YEAR 

B x

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Wardrobe_Perfect Mom


Back to my vintage shopping, I finally got my hands on a good pair of mom jeans. You know how the saying goes, ‘life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what’s in them?’ – it’s just the same with vintage mom jeans. Until you try them on, you never know how tapered they are, or how they have the gift of giving you a Kim Kardashian sized bottom.  It takes some looking, and shopping around too but there’s the perfect vintage high waisted denim for everyone somewhere out there – mine happen to be these Levi’s 818.

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Closet Remix – Maxi Coat #3


Wearing white might not be tis’ season colour, and well, in general hard to pull off when we’ve all got snowmen complexions but mixing in some beiges & light toned greys, winter whites don’t seem that terrible. Quite the contrary. As much as I love black, a white monotone outfit can look every inch as sophisticated as a total black look. That’s what I had in mind pairing these white pants from MEXX with their chameleon maxi beige coat – a casual, understatedly sophisticated outfit fit for some off duty time.

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#mus(e)ic / Robert Plant – Rainbow

Robert Plant – Rainbow
My latest ‘feel good’ song -Plant’s voice is absolutely so timeless <3

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#wardrobe_I Woke Up In Milano


Taking opportunity of the colder temperatures in Milan, the first thing to throw in my suitcase was this fur jacket I bagged on sale last year. I don’t get to wear it much over here on the rock- so I whisked it off to Milan & it turned out to be not only the cosiest thing I could have worn, but also the best travelling companion. Warm, cuddly & a squishy, impromptu pillow for plane rides.

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Thought of The Day


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