I’ve been meaning to write this post a little over four months ago – I thought my procrastination days where over the day I finished studying. Turns out I’m still a pro. ANYwhoos – you must all be wondering what’s been happening in this never-mind-how-long blogging hiatus?  I’ve been blog soul searching –  thinking, planning, brainstorming, wasting time and rethinking about this tiny space I call my blog. Two years down the line I felt it was time to turn The Fashion Carousel into something more creative and individual. So took the time off,  pressed the refresh button on my blog and started thinking anew – from content to branding, from design to concept. So f-i-n-a-l-l-y, I’m extremely excited to announce that I’ll be making a move to a new blog, a new url and new features for you guys to follow. I’m taking with me all you’ve seen so far just adding some new – not just fashion related – stories. I guess a little change never hurt nobody, right? :)
Two weeks from now you’ll see exactly what I blabbing about – in the meantime watch my squared world on Instagram (@biancadarmanin) for my  fashion & very coffee related stories.
I’ll be back soon!
Bianca x


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Closet Remix – The Maxi Coat #4


The coat, in its more simpler & everyday state. A touch of grey is mandatory this winter, & the perfect match to light toned colours. You’ll probably see me wearing something like this on a typical day to work – so comfy, and this coat is so snuggly, it’s just as comforting as your home robe.

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IMG_0157IMG_0491IMG_0235IMG_0350IMG_0613HAPPY NEW YEAR 

B x

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Wardrobe_Perfect Mom


Back to my vintage shopping, I finally got my hands on a good pair of mom jeans. You know how the saying goes, ‘life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what’s in them?’ – it’s just the same with vintage mom jeans. Until you try them on, you never know how tapered they are, or how they have the gift of giving you a Kim Kardashian sized bottom.  It takes some looking, and shopping around too but there’s the perfect vintage high waisted denim for everyone somewhere out there – mine happen to be these Levi’s 818.

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Closet Remix – Maxi Coat #3


Wearing white might not be tis’ season colour, and well, in general hard to pull off when we’ve all got snowmen complexions but mixing in some beiges & light toned greys, winter whites don’t seem that terrible. Quite the contrary. As much as I love black, a white monotone outfit can look every inch as sophisticated as a total black look. That’s what I had in mind pairing these white pants from MEXX with their chameleon maxi beige coat – a casual, understatedly sophisticated outfit fit for some off duty time.

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#mus(e)ic / Robert Plant – Rainbow

Robert Plant – Rainbow
My latest ‘feel good’ song -Plant’s voice is absolutely so timeless <3

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#wardrobe_I Woke Up In Milano


Taking opportunity of the colder temperatures in Milan, the first thing to throw in my suitcase was this fur jacket I bagged on sale last year. I don’t get to wear it much over here on the rock- so I whisked it off to Milan & it turned out to be not only the cosiest thing I could have worn, but also the best travelling companion. Warm, cuddly & a squishy, impromptu pillow for plane rides.

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