New In: Western Detail


I’ve been putting off buying a western buckle belt for some time now – I’m really trying to hold on to the mantra of ‘quality over quantity’ especially with items I’ll be wearing over & over again, like bags, sunglasses & shoes. So in the search for the perfect belt, I got sucked in to the whirlwind, mind-draining obession of ‘ I’ve gotta have it-now‘ and there’s nothing as haunting as when, suddenly, every outfit would  only make sense, with that little, seemingly insignificant, extra accessory you can’t get hold of.
Called off my daily online search when I bagged this fancy one from Stradivarius. In all honesty, it actually looks, and feels, more durable than most ‘real leather’ belts I’ve got and could you really tell it’s an under-€10 grab?
Reasonable & obsession at rest!

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Couldn’t resist pairing my favourite green Catarzi fedora & leather jacket with the very special grey jumper, for this week’s MEXX Closet Remix. Blends really well with the whole cowboy thing I’ve got going on at the moment, don’t you think?

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Just go with it

IMG_0003 No, no – your screen hasn’t gone biserk, that’s actually green in my hair & me swapping jeans for a dress. Both have been on my to-do list for ages, and one frisky weekend I decided to ‘just go with it’ – hair chalk my tips with the ‘party green’ L’Oréal Professionnel Hairchalk & pounce around a sunny Sunday afternoon in this Zara vintage inspired maxi dress. The chalks, or rather the temporary hair colour dye was just to fun & easy to do, don’t know what took me so long to try them out! I’m seriously considering getting this look more permanent. What’s really going to turn permanent is this dress in my wardrobe – it’s pure candy to my bohemian junkie! Continue reading

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The Pink Fashion Show


I literally had an hour to get home, change and dash out again to The Pink Fashion Show last Thursday.  Being the typical woman, it takes me an hour alone to figure out what I’m going to wear. Being somewhere, groomed & presentable in under 60 minutes is just rare.  Against all odds, I actually made it on time to the venue, which in itself was a surprisingly odd location to host a show. Amidst stacked paper rolls, past the very own printing press of the magazine, laid the ‘ 10 years of front covers’ catwalk.  I took my seat, lights dimmed, beats began to blast off the speakers & 10 brands showcased their latest collections. Here are some snippets of some shiny, furry & fluffy details to run down the runway.

Feast your eyes!

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Second look with this quilted grey MEXX jumper -this time round contrasted with a pencil leather skirt & some leopard slip ons for that added comfort.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Cape Central

TFC Capes 2014

// Vila Cable Detail Poncho// Pieces Blanket Cape Wrap Scarf // ASOS Stripe Blanket Cape // ASOS Reversible Cape // ASOS Cape With Roll Neck // Glamorous Knitted Cape with Embroidery and Tassel Trim

Last year it was crop top jumpers, & slip-on camisole dresses. This season, my favourite fashion piece has got to be blankets & cape coats. This androgynous cover, part outwear & part oversized jumper, is the most laid-back form of coat-ing you’ll ever find this season & in your wardrobe from thereon.
Jeans & shirt? Throw a cape on. Too hot to carry a jacket around all day? Throw a cape on. Feeling the chills? Throw a cape on. Wish you could just stay under the sheets all day? throw a cape on. Whatever situation you’re in, or wish to be in, a cape coat is what you should be wrapping yourself in this winter. Besides sophisticatedly hiding what you’re wearing beneath, they’re so easy to wear with pretty much everything in your wardrobe – from sneakers, to cropped sweaters, maybe even last season’s lace trimmed camisole. I’m just loving the variations over at ASOS, from sleeveless ponchos to reversible blanket scarfs – there are just about enough for every day of the week!


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because pretty much what I’m wearing here is stolen/borrowed from the men’s department & my sister’s shoe shelf.

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