Dipped in Neon


I bought this neon scarf last summer and it was instant love. Ok… I guess you’re all getting familiar with my obsession for neon, I mean two posts in a week wearing neon accessories, you’re all getting the picture:) I paired it with a beige motorcycle leather jacket, the Lady Gaga tee I stole from my sister’s closet, and black jeans. A simple outfit with a neon twist for an sunny Sunday afternoon with friends.


//H&M leather jacket ; H&M scarf; H&M t-shirt; Mango Jeans; Forever 21 boots//

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5 Responses to Dipped in Neon

  1. The pop of neon adds the edge to your outfit- like it.


  2. Lovely!
    Maybe we can follow each other? x

  3. I love this outfit! Your boots are so cute, and the neon looks so great!

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