Weekend Blues

IMG_9114I’ve got major post-weekend blues going on this morning. I’m back to work after a 5-day, well-deserved (& needed) weekend. I planned to spend my days off by doing nothing other than soaking up the sun, lunch-ing, sipping on milkshakes, reading a good book, visiting new cafe’s, going back to places I’ve haven’t been for in a while, jotting down notes etc. Simply, ‘refreshing’ a little from this creative rut, routines & deadlines especially with new and exciting projects in-the-making. So here is my Sunday outfit, I wore to go for a walk & quick fix of my favorite smoothie from Dr. Juice (best hangover cure ever!)


//Pull and Bear blazer
//Miss Selfridge denim wasitcoat
//Zara tee
//Levis vintage denim cut-offs
//Office brogues

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One Response to Weekend Blues

  1. pinsplace says:

    This is the perfect weekend look!

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